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Since the start of DialoguE 22 years ago, everyone who has prepared for a French exam with us has succeeded in passing it.

Our students comment:

Keith London ROGERS

Many thanks for a superb weekend.

A short, sharp spell of total immersion in a francophone environment was just what I needed to give me the confidence to tackle my exams.

It made a big difference as I passed them with flying colours!

Koichi NODA


I have studied French for the past four summers in French-speaking countries and no other school is better than DialoguE thanks to the "private lessons."

I brought some cassettes on which I had recorded French programs, made a transcript before each lesson and had a teacher correct it. This practice greatly helped me improve my French.

This autumn just after the lessons I passed the DELF 1st grade at the score of 16.5~18 out of 20.

John Slater

Burlington Consultants, 

Dialogue provided me with an excellent preparation for my INSEAD French exam. In particular, Dialogue's thorough coverage of grammar and its distillation of useful structures in 'Phrases-Clefs' gave me a good basis for attacking both the multiple choice and written sections of the exam.

Also, living and studying in the 'total immersion' environment at DialoguE allowed me to cover and assimilate this much faster than I would have at a larger school.

Ben Small

MBA Candidate, INSEAD

The combination of total immersion in the French language and intense academics is truly hard work. However, the immersion and the excellent instruction paid off.

I am delighted with my progress. I can communicate in French with far greater agility than before DialoguE. Additionally, I am convinced that through DialoguE I have built a solid base which will enable my continued progress.

DialoguE was the ideal preparation for my MBA studies in France.

Robert Taylor

Preparation for Bac International, 
Sacramento, CA

I feel that DialoguE is an excellent program for learning the language. It has good professors, individual lessons, and total language immersion.

The program for the younger students is very interactive, and is truly like living with a family, not in a boarding school.

It is also a very effective program, and one that I would recommend to any student who is serious about learning and mastering French.

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