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Visé - Liège (previously Spa)
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Dialogue French Immersion Course  was located (from 1991 until 2019) in the town of Spa, in the Ardennes. Spa has been known as a health resort for many centuries

DialoguE leaves Spa, the city of healing springs, for Visé, the city of geese and the guilds of crossbowmen and arquebusmen.

Visé, located along the Meuse, halfway between Liège and Maastricht, is a city rich in traditions and known for its leisure, sports and culture.

Visé is just 40 km from Spa and is also a recognized tourist attraction, celebrating many festivals throughout the year (shops open 7 days a week).

Visé is pleasant, comfortable: the ideal place to jump into the French language and its culture.




Liège Airport (25km)= 17m. Maastricht Airport (25km = 18m)

Köln/Cologne/Bonn Airport (130km) = 1h15m

Aachen Airport (37 km = 42m)

Brussels Airport (105 km)= 1h

Charleroi Airport (101 km) = 1h
Luxembourg Airport (163 km) = 1h50 Amsterdam Airport (231km) = 2h 7m
Paris Airport (360km) = 3h15m
(Thalys Paris-Nord - Liège = 2h10m)

Frankfurt Airport (293km) = 2h38m


Liège-Guillemins Station  (17m)

Thalys (TGV) from Paris (2h10m),

Cologne (1h9m), etc.

Liège-Guillemins by car = 17m

Visé - Spa (by car) 40km = 30m


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